APAC-Atlantic Safety Value Statement

APAC-Atlantic Asheville Division believes that our greatest asset is our employees. Because of this belief, it is our policy to provide you with the safest work environment possible.

Every member of the Asheville Division team is dedicated to meeting or exceeding all Federal and State Statutes as well as Construction and Industry Standards. Our focus is to exceed all safety standards to reach our goal of “Zero Incidents”.

It is the responsibility of every manager, supervisor, and employee of APAC’s Asheville Division to maintain a safe work environment. Safety is our #1 goal and requires each and every employee’s total commitment to our program.

William H. Tomlinson, President
APAC Atlantic, Asheville Division


The mission statement of APAC Asheville is to achieve excellence in safety through “Zero Incidents” in the work place. Our zero incident goal is met by having zero preventable fleet accidents, zero OSHA recordable accidents, zero lost time injuries, and zero fatalities. It is our mission to continuously provide our employees with the tools to make this goal achievable. These tools include annual training, hands–on training, as well as daily mentoring and updates from upper management to each crew in the division. All of these tools educate the employees and help us to constantly improve our safety program.

The Safety Action Process serves as a primary support for our safety culture philosophy. Within our Safety Action Process are the action items by which the safety culture is progressed.

The information below describes what safety culture philosophy means to us.

Letter from Executive Management
We are totally committed to conducting our business in a manner to protect the environment, and the safety and health of our employees, contractors and communities in which we work. APAC aspires to have no injuries, no accidents and no harm to the environment. This includes achieving full compliance with all of our regulatory obligations across the company.

Having a safety culture provides us the ability to achieve these goals. However, this ability is only achieved by total commitment by your leadership and all of our employees. We have fully stated our position an commitment that for our businesses to be successful we must progress the safety culture in every aspect of our daily jobs. As we advance our efforts in establishing common processes to improve our productivity and driv financial performance of our businesses, participation by every employee is critical to advancement of our environmental, health, safety and security programs. The safety culture begins by harnessing the ideas and experience of each and every one of us. To make this effort work, we all need to participate …. To play a role, because being a responsible company means we strive towards excellence in our own performance and that of our organization. It’s a continuing effort to improve, to excel, to identify and solve issues before they become problems. In today’s business environment, many of these issues might provide opportunities for our business growth and profitability.

The success of this commitment resides with all of us. We commit that we will provide the necessary resources and support for each of you to continue our journey towards excellence in business performance and environment, health and safety.

APAC’s Aspirational Goals:
100% Compliance
Operate with Zero Incidents
Reduce APAC’s Impact

Program Outline
1. Instilling a zero incident attitude through the whole division.
2. Implementing safety programs such as Near Miss, Take 5, and Safety Leadership Team.
3. Being conscious of personal safety at all times through:
    A. Prevention of Personal Preventable Accidents
    B. Use of Personal Protective Equipment
    C. Daily vehicle and equipment maintenance
    D. Jobsite/Plant housekeeping

We feel the best way to achieve this program outline is through an “Accountability Process”.

Program Objectives The objective of this Safety Action Plan is to provide the necessary tools for APAC Atlantic Inc. Asheville Division to create a cultural change toward a safer working environment. The tools will include management support, committees and procedures, as well as, positive and negative reinforcement in the form of accountability.

Accountability Accountability will be achieved through the measured performance of each employee. The criteria for safety performance will be based on an evaluation of the employee’s area of responsibility. The evaluation will include a safety record review. The safety record review will determine the employee’s performance based on the division safety record for the current fiscal year. The division president and vice president will be given final authority for determining an employee’s performance.



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